School Programs

Our Community Services Officer attends 11 elementary and three high schools during the school year and provides police related programs.

Junior Kindergarten

Introduction to Police – Our Constable attends all schools in full uniform at the beginning of each school year. This gives the students the opportunity to identify that police are a there to help if needed. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions about the uniform and the role of the police.

Senior Kindergarten – Two programs are given to the students over the school year. Elmer the Safety Elephant visits the students each fall. Our Constable uses Elmer to teach about his 7 Safety Rules. This is complete with a poster outlining the rules, which is given to all students.

Stranger Safety – The students are taught four basic stranger safety rules and listen to a story our Constable tells about how they can keep themselves safe. All students receive an Identification Kit to be completed by parents. The kids are donated by the Lindsay Lion’s Club.

Grade 1 – Seat Belt Deputy Program.

This program is by far the most popular with the young students. The focus is on stressing the need for children to wear their seat belts. Our Constable then deputizes the students as, Seat Belt Deputy Officers and presents the students with their own wallet card showing that are a seat belt deputy officer.

“911” Emergency – A discussion on what an emergency is and how to call 911. Stickers are given to the student.

Grade 2 – Bicycle Safety

Elmer’s Safety Rules on Bullying This was a new program introduced the fall of 2005 as a result of an increase of requests about bullying. Elmer once again teaches students about bullying and how to be safe. All students receive a bullying poster and ruler.

Mr. Finley’s Pharmacy This is one of the original police program introduced to the school. The focus is on educating students on the proper use of medicines and what to do if they ever find a discarded needle on the street or playground.

Grade 3 – Bicycle Safety

Danger in our Community Students are taught to be aware while they play. Often children forget simple safety rules when playing at home or school and this program aims at educating the students on their environment are being aware. A Community Net Safety book with helpful hints is given to students.

Grade 4 – Staying Home Alone

Many students begin to stay home alone for brief periods of time. Our Constable provides an interactive presentation on being safe while home alone. The students are involved in role playing situation to prepare them for possible situations they may encounter such as receiving phone call, knocks on the door to an intruder. A hand out kit is given to the student.

Participation in the MADD poster project Students have the option of participating in a National Poster contest aimed at providing awareness of impaired driving. The community service officer supports this program with Kawartha Lakes MADD chapter.

Grade 5 – Intro to Drugs

This is the first introduction the students have to drug awareness. This is a basic presentation aimed at answering questions about drugs that the students have. Our Constable talks about the three top drugs student will be faced with in the future and discusses choice they can make.

LCBO Christmas Bag Message Constable Brydon introduced this program in 2004 and as a result of the success has developed it as part of the school programs. This is a combined project with the Kawartha Haliburton Drug Awareness Group, police, MADD and the LCBO. Students receives an LCBO bag and decorate it with a message about drinking and driving. The bags are then taken to the LCBO outlets in our community and handed out over the holiday season.

Bicycle Safety

Grade 6 – Values, Influences and Peer

(VIP) This is a very intense 8 week course that is taught to all grade 6 students during the school year. The program focuses on teaching the students to value themselves enough not to be influence or pressured by peer to become involved in any illegal activity. Our Constable ensures that it is a very interactive program and she uses a variety of teaching methods to get the message across. The program teaches the students about theft, vandalism, assault, the law, drugs and alcohol. The students receive a demonstration from the canine unit complete with a search for drugs. As well, Mass provide the officer with Fatal Vision Goggles that are used by the students. The students wear them and are give very simple tasks to complete while wearing the goggles. They soon realize how difficult basic tasks are to complete. Students also receive a tour of the Police building and receive a presentation from a paramedic. Finally, at the student’s graduation, Our Constable attends and presents the student with a certificate of completion of the program along with a leather folder, which is donated by local community groups. This is by far the most important program the police offer to the students

Grade 7 & 8 – Cyber-bullying and bullying

Students are made aware of the impact bullying both on and off the computer can have on classmate. The different types of bullying are discussed with option given to the students on how to deal with it. As well, students are taught the laws in regards to assault and harassment.

Youth Criminal Justice Act An overview of the law as it pertains to the youth aged 12-17 years of age.

Career Studies What it takes to become a Police Officer
Alcohol and Drugs

VIP for PALS students
High School grade 9-12 – Drinking and Driving Awareness of the laws around the issue of drinking and driving.

Alcohol and Drugs – Presentations to students about the effects of alcohol and drugs. Student are given the opportunity to wear the Fatal Vision Goggles. A MADD video is shown called, “Not Ready to Go” which shows the impact not only alcohol has but also marihuana has on individuals.

Sexual Assault – Our Constable discusses the laws and issues surrounding sexual assault. Students are given the opportunity to discuss the impact sexual assault/harassment has on students.

Personal Safety – Awareness on safety on and off the school property.

The Law – Law awareness. Basic laws of Canada and the Province. The Youth Justice Criminal Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

MADD presentation – In conjunction with MADD awareness and video presentations to students of drinking and driving.
Community Police Programs

Counterfeit money – As a result of the increased number of counterfeit bills being passed in the community

Credit Card Fraud – Awareness and knowledge on the issues of credit card fraud and how to protect oneself.

Safety for Seniors – Our offers a number of programs designed to educate seniors on personal safety, home safety and bank safety.

Elder Abuse – Awareness on how to detect Elder Abuse and what to do once detected.

Drinking and Driving – Talk on drinking and driving, the law and effect on the community.

Drugs – Talks on how to spot a person using drugs, what to look for and what the laws are around drugs.

Driving – Awareness on driving, wearing a seat belt, and, snowmobiles, ATV’s and related matters.