The mission of the Police Service is to promote the safety and welfare of the City of Kawartha Lakes’ citizens by preventing crime while providing other essential public safety services. The mandate of the Communications Center is to provide effective and efficient communications between citizens requesting police, fire, or ambulance service and the units who respond. In addition, the Communications department endeavors to provide various other support services for police and administrative operations. The Kawartha Lakes Police Communications Center is the 911 center for all calls in the City. In addition to police duties, communications staff dispatch for 22 Fire Halls within the city and “down stream” all 911 requests for the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ambulance Service. commsThe intent of the Communications Center is to efficiently, effectively, courteously, and promptly receive and record requests for police service; dispatch police units to handle every justifiable request made for police service; provide the department with centralized control of personnel and facilitate field operations through the rapid dissemination of critical information by radio and telephone. The Communications Center is central to the police function. Every call for police service is received, recorded, dispatched and concluded in this area.