Sparks Fly But All Ends Well – Noon B&E Interrupted – Fraud Suspect Arrested

Media Release

Friday,  July 28th, 2017 


Sparks Fly But All Ends Well

 Shortly before 1:00 a.m. on July 26th, 2017 a KLPS officer was sitting in the parking lot of a Motel located at Highway 7 and Dew Drop Inn Road when the calm of the night was interrupted by a loud scraping noise. As the officer looked up from their report, they were stunned to see a car travelling westbound on Dew Drop Inn Road with sparks flying from the front end. The officer realised that the car had no front tire and began to follow the vehicle activating their emergency equipment in an attempt to stop it.

 The officer followed the vehicle for over a kilometre before getting it stopped and upon speaking with the driver soon realised that they were suffering from a mental health condition and were in need of medical attention. The man appeared dishevelled and indicated that he had not eaten in some time. Prior to attending at the hospital, the officer stopped by McDonald’s purchasing the man a meal from his own money. They then attended at a local hospital where the man was seen by medical staff.  It was determined that the man was from Woodbridge in York Region and officers followed marks left in the pavement to as far away as Oakwood but could not determine exactly where the man had started his trip.


Woman Interupts Noonhour B&E

 A Lindsay woman who came home from work for lunch interrupted a break and enter to her home on Wednesday.

 Kawartha Lakes Police were called to a Pottinger Street address just after 1:00 pm on July 26th, 2017 after the homeowner came home to find a man in the process of stealing a number of items from her home. The woman entered through the front door of the home and quickly noticed that there were a number of items out of place including jewellery that had been strewn about the kitchen table. She then noticed that the rear patio door was open and neighbours notified her that a man had just exited her home and fled over a backyard fence. The neighbour and police attempted to locate the male suspect but were unsuccessful.

 The suspect is described as male white, in his early 20’s, clean shaven with a shaved head, white ball cap on backwards, and a white t-shirt. Police are asking anyone who may have information regarding the break and enter to contact them at 705.324.5252.


 Fraud Suspect Apprehended After Foot Chase

A Montreal man will appear in the Lindsay, Ontario Court of Justice for a Bail Hearing this morning on Fraud related charges after Kawartha Lakes Police responded to a Fraud in progress call at a downtown Lindsay bank yesterday.

 At 1:15 pm on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 Kawartha Lakes Police attended at a downtown banking institution after a teller became suspicious of identification that was being used by a person who had recently opened an account at the bank. When police arrived the suspect was still in the bank, but while he was being pointed out to them, he fled out the front door. Officers took up the chase, with the man initially evading apprehension. A short time later a keen eyed officer spotted the man hiding on a Russell Street East porch. The man was then arrested without incident.

 23-year-old Lenin Eldridge Aular of Montreal has been charged with Uttering a Forged Document and Fraud Under $5000.00.