If Too Good To Be True…..It’s Probably Fraud

Monday December 15th, 2014
Shoplifter Charged With Assault
A Norland woman allegedly bit a Loss Prevention Officer when detained outside the Lindsay Canadian Tire store Friday afternoon. The woman was stopped outside the store at 12:10pm after failing to pay for a set of car mats, two litres of engine oil and batteries. 24 year old Harley Ann Marie LOVE has been charged with theft and assault with intent to resist arrest. Ms. Love will appear in court on January 22nd.


Alcohol and Cannabis Seized
An 18 year old Lindsay man was arrested for possessing of a large quantity of cannabis marihuana Saturday afternoon. An officer stopped the man walking on Adelaide Street North Friday afternoon around 4pm to speak with him regarding his alcohol consumption. The officer detected the odour of cannabis while talking with him in relation to possessing alcohol. Further investigation resulted in the seizure of approximately $300 worth of cannabis. Dillon Dwayne Cowen has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and possessing liquor. He will appear in court on January 22nd.


If Too Good To Be True…..It’s Probably Fraud
A Lindsay woman was defrauded of $1000 after being lead to believe she had won a large sum of money. An individual allegedly from New York contacted a 56 year old Lindsay woman through Facebook convincing her that she had been selected to win $90,000. She was instructed to send him $1000 to cover the processing fee. Needless to say she has yet to receive her prize. The investigation into the identity of the individual continues.


Missing Your Purse?
A Norland woman has been charged with theft and possession of a stolen purse from a downtown bar early Sunday morning. At 2am Sunday morning an officer observed a woman suspiciously rummaging through a purse in the entrance foyer of a downtown business. When the woman noticed she was being watched, she quickly discarded the purse and attempted to walk away. The officer pursued the matter and determined the purse had been stolen from a patron inside a downtown bar. 34 year old Jodawna Marilyn BOT will appear in court on January 22nd


Expensive Stocking Stuffers
Several bottles of men’s cologne were stolen from a downtown pharmacy Sunday afternoon. A Loss Prevention Officer observed a man leave the Rexall Pharma Plus at 2:45pm without paying for a number of articles he had earlier selected from the shelf. He was in possession of 7 bottles of cologne valued at $163 when arrested outside the store. 31 year old David Andrew Grozelle has been charged with both theft and possession of stolen property. He will appear in court on January 22nd.