Yes, we make house calls!

Wednesday October 15th 2014

Probation Terms Not Taken Seriously 22 year old Jake Dakota Breen was arrested Tuesday morning at his Lindsay residence after allegedly failing to comply with terms of his probation order. Probation and Parole allege that Mr. Breen failed to report as required and failed to notify them of a change in address. A warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest. Mr. Breen will appear in court on November 6th.

Failed to Attend Court 47 year old John Henry Prenger had been issued a summons to attend court on October 9th after allegedly failing to comply with a term of his probation order.   A bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court on October 9th. Mr. Prenger was arrested at his residence Tuesday morning at 9:35am and will re-appear in court on November 6th. He has been charged with an additional offence of failing to appear in court.